Nestlé Global Anti-Trust - BG1

Nestlé Global Anti-Trust - BG2

Nestlé Global Anti-Trust - BG3

Nestlé Global Anti-Trust - BG Map

London Stock Exchange - GDP Storyboards GIF

London Stock Exchange - GDP Storyboards

Visa Phase II - VTECC/ User Experience Filmstrip

Visa Phase II - Hot Graphic

Danone 2020 - Journey

Danone 2020 - Workspace BG

HFA - Inhibitors: FVIIa Storyboard GIF

HFA - Inhibitors: FVIIa Storyboard

ZS Associates - Dr.Diaz

LTG Graphics

Work I built up from Learning Technologies Group(LTG).

A majority of the work made for LTG/LEO Learning are web assets, storyboards, and illustrations made in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or XD. These assets are then plugged into authoring programs or animations for digital learning.

All graphics for this project are displayed for portfolio purposes only.

Digital Designer
Ferrero, Nestlé, Shell, Mazda, Jaguar, Danone, Visa, London Stock Exchange, WHO, …etc.
January 2020- 2021